The Procedure of Installing an Entry Door

An entry door is an exterior door is located at the either at the front or the back side of the door. An entry door is a statement of the exterior design of the house. As such the doors make the first impression for those coming to your house. The doors are also entry points. It is always important to ensure that the door is installed by an entry door installation parker co professional . There is also a need for security measures when installing the door. There are quite a number of steps that are taken to ensure that the door is secure.

It is therefore imperative that the door is installed in the best way possible. It is also worth noting that the door costs vary. They may range from $500 to $700. This might include factors like the installation company, material and type. Below are a few steps that need to be done perfectly well when working on new doors.

Measuring the Door

If you are interested in having a new door for your house, the first step is taking dimensions. The accuracy of the measurements is very important. If you don’t get them right, you might end up having a door that is very small for the frame or even very large. Take the width dimension then the height of the door and finally the thickness as well. Record all measurements as appropriate.

Noting Down Door Parts

Installation of a new door might require some more parts too. The pricing of the parts might be dependent on the door size. Hinges are important in making the door move to and fro. They are also the connection between the door and the frame. Hinges cost between $10 and $25. If you are doing a door replacement, then there is certainly an existing frame. You will only have to check it is broken or it needs some repairs. New frames are not expensive, and you can get one for as little as $55. Glass can be inserted on the upper side of the door. You even want to have the whole door made of a glass panel. A knob is the piece of metal that you hold when opening the door. You also might need to buy a lock at the same place you buy the knob.

Door Insulation

It is very important that you ensure that the door is insulated from external factors such as rain and moisture. You can buy door insulation trim and use it for this purpose. Also, having a court of paint on the door might prevent the entry of moisture into the wood. There also dangers associated with weevils and termites. The door might need to be treated to prevent it from attacks.

Door installation might not be a walk in the park. Doing it on your own can only be possible if you have the right tools and expertise. As such, it important to contact a professional.