Choosing the Right Roofing Material for You

When you decide to start construction on a house, you need to make a decision on all of the different materials that are going to make it up. One of these important decisions is the roof. Look at each different type of material and weigh the benefits and cons for the house you’re building. By doing your research now, you may save money and time down the road.


Many of the neighborhoods located in the United States contain houses that have similar designs. A lot of these houses are built on the cheap and so they use asphalt shingles. These are popular not only because they are cheap, but they are known to be easy to install. Like other cheap products though, these types of shingles come with a set of cons to them. Asphalt, for example, has a shorter life span than other materials used for roofs so you’ll have to replace it quickly down the line, and it doesn’t offer the same heat/cooling insulation that you can expect from more expensive materials. If you want some of the cheapest roofing material around, Asphalt is a way to go.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are unique materials to use on a roof. Not only are they known for being long-lasting, but they have a unique look to them that compliments certain structures. You do have some cons of these tiles as they are extremely heavy and must be installed by a professional rather than by yourself. Additionally, however, these tiles are also known for being non-combustible so if you live in an area that is prone to forest fires, you might want to choose this material over others. Consider clay tiles if you are interested in all of those benefits.


Metal roofing is known as one of the best types of roofs you can get for the environment. While it’s known for being quite expensive, it’s known to be durable. You’ll gain benefits such as it being lightweight, and it offers high solar reflectance meaning you’ll pay less to cool your house during the hot times of the year. You can start an online search for any company that does storm damage roofing garland tx. They will help you compare the different types of roofs that will work best for you. Maybe use metal roofing if you want to get a style of roofing that will make you more environmentally conscious.


All of these roof materials explained are just a small taste of what you can pick from when you need to choose what you want to put on your roof. Make sure to look through and see the executed time each material last depending on how much time you see yourself living at that house, and if you want to go through the work of eventually having to replace it down the line. By making a conscious decision, you’ll save money and a bunch of hassle down the line.