Introduction to RV Solar Panel Systems Basics 

Solar Power is of late getting more consideration from RV manufacturers. The increasing urge to include solar power in their rigs may be as a result of the long campaigned for cultural shift towards green energy. It could also be the simple convenience of camping outside confining RV parks with enough power. Whatever is motivating this shift, it is clear that the RV systems are in the rigs to stay.

What are the basic parts of an RV solar system? And why would you consider adding the unit to your rig? This article looks to answer these questions to better your understanding on RV solar kits. There are two main reasons why solar panels are installed into rigs by RVers: To power the house as the primary electrical power source and to charge house batteries (trickle charging)

Primary Electricity Solar Panels

You could use solar panels as the primary source of power in your RV home systems. It usually involves the installation of several solar panels with other gear. These when put together are sometimes referred to as an rv solar energy kit. The kit creates and regulates the solar power for routine household operations. Many people prefer this type of solar panels though a bit more expensive and complicated to install. It is easy to refer to the RV solar system as an expensive battery charger for those who are new to RV solar.

Trickle Charging

After letting your RV sit for prolonged lengths of time, the house batteries start losing power irrespective of if they are under use or not. This is basically the reason car batteries die after long periods of sitting idle. It is likewise as important to make sure the batteries are not left completely dead for too long as it could lead to the battery not being able to hold any charge, which is permanent battery damage.

To avoid all the problems associated with lengthy idle time for batteries, an RV solar trickle charger keeps the batteries active and fully charged whenever you want to use them. It therefore keeps your batteries from permanent damage because they are never empty for prolonged times and protects the car battery from dying all of a sudden.

The solar trickle charger is a device that creates only several watts of electricity for maintaining house batteries and charging them. These trickle chargers are built to survive tough weather being built of tough plastic and amorphous solar cells that are molded into a square of about a foot and a half. The installation is usually very easy even for people with no previous experience.

You just need to take the small panel and connect its wires and battery clips. Place the panel with the correct side directly facing the sunlight. You are good to go. If you one of the latest models, there is a good chance that you will already have one of the solar panel units installed for you directly by the manufacturer.