Arewa Research & Development Project

The ARDP (Arewa Research & Development Project) is a platform located at the Arewa House, which seeks to pool together pockets of Northern groups to create the critical mass for the transformation and development of the North.

Mission & Vision

Arewa Research & Development Project

The last dozen years of democracy in Nigeria have been particularly challenging. it is not only occasioned the erosion( some will say collapse) to the value and institution that has define state and the society , but also, and more graphically, it has brought in its trail unprecedented corruption and bad governance , driving the the country into the blink. In the last few years, the Nigerian state has been in the throes of redefining itself in the process of which many of the old thorny issues of nation-building have been exhumed understandably,the North has been at the center of these debates and many Northern politicians and personalities have attempted to respond. These responses,however , have not been anchored to veritable Northern institutions, which could harness the various efforts and ensure continuity . consequently, a group of academics drawn from the universities and independent Research Organizations across the North came together pioneered Arewa Research and development Project (ARPD) under the auspices of Arewa House- Center for Historical Research and Documentation , Ahmadu Bello University.
The Project seeks to Provide a research- based content to the raging debate and reposition Northern Nigeria in positive terms as land of Agriculture, of mineral re souses of alternative sources of energy of knowledge and stability. The Northern part of the country has always been a positive factor in the unity , stability and development of the country far from the opportunistic depiction as parasitic by uninformed, myopic and mischievous Southern press. since the unfortunate disbandment ICSA in 1975 there has been intellectual vacuum for the required strategic thinking to conceived and nurture the political , economic and social transformation of Northern Nigeria. This is what the project under Arewa House intends to be preoccupied with. The project is essentially non-partisan, non-ethnic and religious. it is not against other parts of the country as indispensable for the progress of the totality of Nigeria.
Arewa House, were this current effort is deliberately located, was created precisely to play this role. It is at once an academic institution and a symbol of our core value of courage, integrity, probity, sacrifice, fineness and equity. Housing the house and office of the great Sardauna and the archives that keeps in store the records of our greatness, Arewa House is there to inspire our leaders, provide the scale as well as the standard to measure our progress and guide our steps, especially at these difficult times. Arewa House has historic duty to harmonize and crate a unified reference point to all the variety of groups of people from the North as they confront the ongoing propaganda, blackmail and conspiracies against the North and its people . Above all Arewa House needs to provide that institutional continuity and quality control which the North requires to whither the current and future political storm